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Crane Coffee Company is a specialty coffee supplier that only uses the best, specialty grade coffee because we know taste matters. To ensure maximum freshness, all orders are shipped the same day they are roasted. Come try out the best coffee online, direct to you.

A fresh cup of coffee is a good cup of coffee! We carefully select the finest gourmet coffee from the best farms around the world to ensure only the highest-quality beans make it into our bags.

Even though organic coffee only makes up about 3% of the total volume of coffee beans in the US, it accounts for a whopping THIRD of all organic beverage sales! And that figure is expected to grow more and more as we shift to more sustainable practices. Consumers are also more health-conscious, making organic coffee a great way to start a national brand!

Our range of certified organic coffees is fully compliant with the United States Department of Agriculture’s standards. This means every bag of organic coffee our customers buy is 100% free from artificial substances - especially pesticides and herbicides!

All our coffee roasters facilities are compliant with necessary regulations, including FDA regulations. Our coffee roasters have organic coffees, Fair Trade, SHG, SHB, and more.

Fair trade coffee is a certification and movement within the coffee industry that aims to promote fair wages and working conditions for coffee farmers and workers, as well as environmentally sustainable practices. When coffee is labeled as "fair trade," it means that it has been produced and traded in accordance with specific social, economic, and environmental standards set by fair trade organizations.

Key aspects of fair trade coffee include:

1. **Fair prices:** Fair trade coffee ensures that farmers receive a minimum price for their coffee beans, which is typically higher than the market price. This helps to provide stability and improve livelihoods for coffee-growing communities.

2. **Fair labor practices:** Fair trade certification requires adherence to labor standards that prohibit child labor and ensure safe working conditions for coffee farm workers.

3. **Community development:** Fair trade premiums are often invested in community projects, such as education, healthcare, infrastructure, and environmental conservation initiatives, to benefit the entire coffee-growing community.

4. **Environmental sustainability:** Fair trade certification encourages environmentally friendly farming practices, such as organic cultivation, biodiversity conservation, and water conservation, to minimize the impact of coffee production on ecosystems.

By choosing fair trade coffee, consumers support ethical and sustainable practices in the coffee industry while also enjoying high-quality coffee.


Instead of harmful chemicals, we rely on the expertise of experienced farmers, and the gentle aid of mother nature. Together they work hand-in-hand to keep the beans healthy, free from insects and pollutants, and ensure an authentic taste experience that delivers a refreshingly natural flavor.

Our relationship with these farmers helps us guarantee the freshest organic coffee beans in the US, as well as surprisingly affordable prices so that every business has access to the highest quality organic coffee.

All our coffee roasters facilities are certified and compliant with strict regulations, including FDA regulations.
We have organic coffees, Fair Trade, SHG, SHB, and more. 
Our customers deserve the best blends, we make sure you get what’s exactly on the label.

Enjoy our range of decadent gourmet coffees and the finest selection of bulk specialty coffee shipped free (with $35+ orders) to your home or shop in 3-5 days. 

Looking for the best beans and blends? Our coffee is sourced from some of the most well-known farms and suppliers in the coffee industry and includes single origin, specialtyespressoorganic, and flavored beans and blends from the top farms around the world. Purchase in whole bean or ground coffee.

The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) defines specialty coffee as coffee that scores more than 80 points on a 100 point scale. The grading allows for only 5 “defects” per 12 ounces, making it the purest class of coffee beans on the planet!

The unique thing about specialty coffee is that it is only found in certain “micro-climates’ - little pockets around the world where the conditions are just right. This means every batch of specialty coffee has a distinct and singular flavor profile. The extremely sophisticated nature of specialty coffee means it can only be grown in a handful of locations on earth, and not even Starbucks uses specialty coffee!

Because of how rare it is, coffee lovers are willing to pay a little more for specialty coffee. Crane Coffee Company makes it easy for anyone to order specialty coffee in any quantity, while also ensuring the harvest arrives as fresh as it could possibly be. Feel free to fall in love with our international range of specialty coffees - roasted the day of shipping to guarantee freshness!

 What makes a coffee lover?

People love coffee for a variety of reasons:

1. **Taste:** Many people enjoy the rich, complex flavors of coffee, which can range from fruity and floral to nutty and chocolaty, depending on the bean variety and brewing method.

2. **Aroma:** The aroma of freshly brewed coffee is enticing and can be a mood booster for some people.

3. **Caffeine:** Coffee contains caffeine, a stimulant that can increase alertness, improve concentration, and provide an energy boost.

4. **Social aspect:** Coffee often serves as a social beverage, bringing people together for conversations, meetings, or simply to enjoy a moment with friends or colleagues.

5. **Ritual and routine:** For many, coffee drinking is a comforting daily ritual that marks the beginning of the day or provides a midday break.

6. **Variety:** The wide range of coffee types, brewing methods, and additives (like milk, syrups, and spices) allows people to customize their coffee experience to suit their preferences.

These factors, among others, contribute to the widespread love for coffee across cultures and generations.

Do you fall in to one, multiple or all of these categories?


 What Countries love coffee the most?

As of the last available data, the top ten nations consuming coffee per capita are:

1. **Finland:** Finland has consistently ranked as the top consumer of coffee per capita.

2. **Norway:** Norway follows closely behind Finland in coffee consumption.

3. **Iceland:** Iceland is known for its high coffee consumption per capita.

4. **Denmark:** Danes also consume a significant amount of coffee per person.

5. **Netherlands:** The Dutch have a strong coffee culture, contributing to their high consumption rates.

6. **Sweden:** Swedes enjoy coffee throughout the day, contributing to their position among the top coffee consumers.

7. **Switzerland:** Swiss people appreciate quality coffee, leading to high per capita consumption.

8. **Belgium:** Belgians have a fondness for coffee, particularly espresso-based drinks.

9. **Luxembourg:** Luxembourg has a notable coffee consumption rate per capita.

10. **Canada:** Canadians round out the top ten with a considerable coffee consumption per person.

These rankings can fluctuate slightly depending on the data source and the year of measurement.


As of the last available data, the top ten countries in terms of total coffee consumption (not per capita) are:

1. **United States:** The U.S. has one of the highest total coffee consumption rates globally due to its large population and widespread coffee culture.

2. **Brazil:** Brazil is not only a major coffee producer but also a significant consumer of coffee, both domestically and for export.

3. **Germany:** Germany is a European leader in coffee consumption, with a strong preference for high-quality coffee.

4. **Japan:** Japanese consumers have a growing appetite for coffee, including specialty and imported coffees.

5. **France:** France has a rich coffee culture, with a preference for espresso and café culture.

6. **Italy:** Italy is renowned for its espresso culture and is a significant consumer of coffee both in cafes and at home.

7. **Russia:** Russia has seen a rise in coffee consumption in recent years, with a growing market for specialty coffees.

8. **Indonesia:** Indonesia is a major coffee-producing country and also consumes a significant amount of coffee domestically.

9. **Philippines:** The Philippines has a growing coffee consumption market, with a preference for both local and imported coffees.

10. **United Kingdom:** The UK is a notable consumer of coffee, with a preference for espresso-based drinks and specialty coffees.

These rankings can vary slightly depending on the data source and the specific metrics used to measure total coffee consumption.

"Per capita" is a Latin term that translates to "per person" in English. When used in statistics or discussions about consumption, "per capita" refers to a measurement or rate calculated for each individual in a population. It's a way to standardize data based on the population size.

For example, "coffee consumption per capita" would mean the average amount of coffee consumed by each person in a given country or region within a specific timeframe, usually measured in liters, kilograms, or other relevant units per year. Calculating consumption per capita allows for comparisons between populations of different sizes and helps to understand the average level of consumption on an individual basis.

The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) was a trade association that represented coffee professionals and enthusiasts in North America. It played a significant role in promoting specialty coffee, which refers to high-quality coffee produced from carefully selected beans, often roasted to highlight their unique flavors and characteristics. The SCAA provided education, training, and resources to coffee professionals, including baristas, roasters, producers, and retailers.

In 2017, the SCAA merged with the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) to form the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), a global organization that continues the work of promoting and advancing specialty coffee worldwide. The SCA is now the leading trade association for the specialty coffee industry, focusing on education, research, sustainability, and fostering connections within the coffee community.

 Taste the difference in quality coffee online. We know you will love our coffee!

Hopefully you will think it is the best online coffee you have ever had. Thank you for joining us with your love of coffee!



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