Collection: Dark Roast Coffee

Why it's called Dark Roast?
Dark roast coffee gets its name from the longer roasting time and higher temperature used during the roasting process, which results in beans that are darker in color compared to light and medium roasts. Dark roast coffee beans are roasted until they reach a rich, dark brown or even black color, and they often have an oily sheen on the surface.

The longer roasting time caramelizes the sugars in the beans and leads to the development of rich, bold flavors with less acidity. Dark roast coffee typically has a fuller body and a more pronounced, smoky taste compared to lighter roasts. This intense flavor profile makes dark roast coffee popular among those who enjoy a strong, robust cup of coffee.

In summary, dark roast coffee is named for its deep, dark color and bold flavor profile, which are achieved through a longer and hotter roasting process.
Photo by FlyD on Unsplash