Collection: Standard Blend Coffee

"Standard blend" coffee typically refers to a pre-mixed combination of coffee beans that is designed to offer a consistent flavor profile across batches. These blends are often created for mass-market consumption, aiming to provide a familiar and reliable taste experience for consumers.

Unlike single-origin coffees, which are sourced from a specific region or farm, standard blends may contain beans from multiple origins. Roasters carefully select and blend different types of beans to achieve a balanced flavor that appeals to a broad audience.

The exact composition of a standard blend can vary widely depending on the brand or roaster. Some blends may focus on a medium roast level with a balanced flavor profile, while others may lean towards a darker roast for a richer and more robust taste.

Standard blends are commonly used in drip coffee makers, espresso machines, and other brewing methods, offering versatility and consistency in flavor. They are often chosen for their reliability and ability to deliver a satisfying cup of coffee without the need for complex brewing techniques or specialized equipment.